Monday, January 1, 2007


Neckwarmer (Ravelry pdf) (html blog version)

Nordic Headband (Ravelry pdf) (html blog version)

Apila Socks (pdf) (on Ravelry)


Legolas Socks

Ella Socks


Anonymous said...

Hello just wanted to say I love your socks Ella wow!! I am tring to wait patiently for the pattern.

Anonymous said...

You're socks are wonderful, but the heck with waiting patiently, can we PLEASE HAVE THE PATTERN? PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE?

Jessie Loves to Knit said...

You come up with some of the prettiest stuff. I love the two colored headband! Where did you learn to knit with two colors? That is something that I have been wanting to try for a whlie now. I love the Fair Isle knitting and would love to be able to do it. Can you recommend any books or anything to help me learn that technique?

dove said...

Hi - you have a tremendous amount of talent. From socks, to neckwarmers to sweaters that need a great attention to detail. I will eagerly look forward to your new socks. Thanks,Dove