Monday, April 23, 2007

Image links

Calling all Blogger users i blogland! Can anybody tell me how to make the images in the sidebar into clickable links? A step-by-step description would be great! I've been trying to figure this out through different blogger help sites, but no luck... :( Is there a special "page element" for this, or do I need to do it another way? I would really appreciate some help.
(Edit) Erasmus helped me with this, and now it works. So thank you very much Erasmus!


erasmus said...

when placing any link you need to put it in tags with triangle brackets. I will give you a full example where you replace "[" with "<" and "]" with ">"
I'll be amazed if that last bit comes out.
[a href="path for link goes here"][img src="link for image to appear here something.jpg"] text underneath image goes here but still linked [/a]
so you've combined an href link with an image source. Hope this works for you.

Heidi said...

Oh yay! It worked! Thanks a million!!! :)

Stell said...

sorry can't help but seem erasmus can, and did, found you via knitters review, nice blog, love the antique skein winder - how cool is that? my house seems to small and so to my children - can you imagine the fun they would have with that?