Thursday, October 18, 2007

A trip to the post office...

I brought this package home today. It's from my Secret Pal, it's sent from Germany, and already when the lady behind the counter handed it to me, there was this wonderful scent coming out of it. It smelled like coffee and chocolate. So my hopes were already high, because I'm a typical Finn: I looove coffee! :)

I was so excited I almost opened the package in the car, but I somehow managed to stop myself, and I drove home as fast as I could (observing the speed limits, of course!). When I got home, the scent got even stronger, and I had to rip the package open. This is what I found inside.

A really nice letter from my SP. I already have a vague idea about what kind of person she is. I imagine her to be around 25 years old, give or take a few years. And yes, it's a she. (Haha, you didn't fool me by putting a boy's name on the package! And if you're really a boy, I'm so sorry!) She hand dyed this yarn for me with Kool Aid (And yes, SP, I also question how safe it is to drink the stuff!) I got a really great pattern that will teach me to knit two socks on two circs, and the two circs to go with it. She also included a notebook for all my knitting ideas. This would have been a great package in itself, but there was more, and this is where coffee addicts, chocoholics and tea fanatics might want to look away.

When I saw this, it was no longer a mystery why the package smelled so heavenly! These are all my favourite things. First of all, the coffee! I almost fainted with bliss when I put my nose into the beautiful tin! I could sit with my head over it all day, but I finally came to my senses and decided to make a cup to drink instead (if you didn't know, that's what coffee is for...) It's brewing right now, and the scent coming from the kitchen is wonderful. And the chocolate! I absolutely adore dark chocolate, and this is "Noir de Noir". It's delicious! The tea also smells great, and I usually drink tea in the evenings, so I will try some tonight. And finally, some olive hand lotion. I love olive oil and olives, so this was a perfect choice!

Everyone says they have the best Secret Pal, but I really do! Thank you so much! It really feels like you can read my mind. Scary! But in a good way! :)


your sp11 :) said...

I'm so happy that it arrived! I was really worried. I'm glad to see that the package suits you. Have fun drinking tea and coffee :)

Glenda said...

Kool-Aid is not that bad!! I grew up on the stuff, drinking it, and selling it for 25 cents a cup at the annual kool-aid stands that we had every year! :) And so what if it dies your insides green :)

I think you have to have grown up on the stuff in order to appreciate it properly! :)