Friday, November 30, 2007

Secret Pal revealed!

Phew! I was getting a bit worried there for a while. And with good reason! Apparently, the arrival notice had gotten stuck somewhere between a work space and the wall at the post office, and the postman only noticed it today (the day the package was supposed to be returned to sender)! So at the last minute, he drove here and put it in my mailbox. And now it's finally here. Yay! This is what I found inside the box.

A really nice card (that matches my table...)

My Secret Pal is a crafty one! I've actually visited her website a couple of times, looking at these row counter bracelets! Imagine that! And isn't it just beautiful! I'm going to wear it as a regular bracelet. That way, I can always count rows whenever I feel the need to! :) She sells these on Etsy, so get over there if you want one of your own.

I also got some gorgeous yarn. It seems my pal has found her way to Socktopus. This colorway is called Monet, and I absolutely love it! And since it's from Socktopus, it comes with Eucalan! :)

And there's more! I also got tea. It smells delicious! The tea from my first package is already gone, so it's great that I get some more! And the tin is beautiful.

Did you think that was all? Oh no, there's still one more thing. Look what she made just for me! (I told you she was a crafty one)

A knitting needle case! How great is that!? I've been wanting one of these for a loooooong time, but I just haven't gotten around to getting one.

It's beautiful! I finally have somewhere to store my needles. (And look at that cute heart!)

Oh, I suppose you would like to know who she is. My AMAZING Secret Pal is:


Macoco said...

What a fabulous secret pal. It sounds like you had a great pal! :)

Anonymous said...


Elemmaciltur said...

Lucky you! I know KnitLady and she's definitely crafty. And a great person on top of that. ;-)

yvonnep said...

Luckily you had as good fine awesome a pal as I had :-)