Saturday, December 8, 2007

Christmas market...

So much for trying not to buy too much yarn before Christmas... I guess all the presents I give will just have to be knitted now, not much money left for other things... :)

So I went to the "old style" Christmas market here in Turku, and I managed to bring home some yarn. Can I get a "Really?" from those of you who are surprised. ---- (You're an awfully quiet bunch...) Not that many people sold yarn, but the ones who did had some amazing things!

This is Silkeskaninens Garn ("the silk rabbit's yarn")
It's made by KANIINA crafts in Sjundeå, Finland. It contains wool from finnish angora rabbits. The white skein is 50% angora and 50% wool, and the grey skein is 30% angora and 70% wool. It's so soft, so soft, and I just can't stop touching it, pretending I have two angora rabbits of my own.

This is a 100% wool yarn, 1 ply.
I can't remember what the seller's name was, but maybe someone who's been to the Turku market can help me. It was two lovely ladies, and they were standing pretty close to where you go in to the Teini courtyard, but closer to Uudenmaankatu. They had all kinds of nålbindning mittens and lovely shawls. They also had this same yarn in different colors, and also thicker yarn of the same kind.

And again, I can't remember who made this lovely chocolate colored yarn, but it's 100% Finnwool. A nice gentleman sold it to me, and I got it 1 euro cheaper because it was a bit tangled. :) He wore a beautiful hand knitted sweater, and I really wanted to ask him if he made it himself, but I didn't and now I regret it! They also had "Lammassäilykkeet", sausages, socks, etc. It was "--- Tila". Ring any bells? I wish I paid more attention, but there was yarn! I was completely focused on the wool, and I think it's expecting a little too much if you want me to read at the same time, let alone remember names! Edit: I went back to see where this yarn is from, and it was indeed Rintalan Tila, as Outi said. :)

Even though I spent waaay to much money, I think I will need to go back next weekend and see if I can find some nice gifts that aren't yarn-related. Hehe, wish me luck! :)


Outi said...

Mahtaisiko se piip-piip-lammastila olla Rintala? Vastaisi ainakin kuvausta.

Heidi said...

Outi. Googlasin vähän, ja se on ilmeisesti Honkarinteen tilalta. Aivan ihanan suklainen väri!

triconette said...

Your Turku market sounds like great fun! Beautiful 'rabbits'. yvonnep

Karin said...

Silkeskaninens Garn

How can this yarn be ordered for US customers if interested ?

Sounds wonderfully soft !

Siddis-in-houston said...

Oi, oi, her var det mye fint. Fant det på ravelry, men jeg er så ny der at jeg vet ikke helt hvordan jeg skal kommunisere der, og grupper, har ikke anelse hvordan. Ha en flott førjul!