Thursday, March 8, 2007

Candy yarn

I don't know what's up with me lately, but there seems to be a strong preference for yarn in candy colors. I guess it's because spring and summer is coming and I'm getting a bit tired of dark wintery colors. The pink little beauties that I've wound up with my brand new yarn winder are Lorna's Laces. The darker pink is "Bittersweet" and the lighter one is "Sherbet". Don't they just look good enough to eat! The ball to the left is my own Kool Aid yarn, and it's already had a moment of fame here on the blog.

I also got this in the mail the other day. It's some kind of lace weight yarn from HipKnits. I don't know what it's called, because there wasn't any label or info about it. This yarn is for a contest on the HipKnits webpage. You're supposed to knit something with lace, anything at all that has some lace in it. Again, sweet like candy! It looks like cotton candy. Yummy!

I'm knitting a pair of Monkey socks at the moment, and I'm just about done with the first sock. The yarn is the Kool Aid dyed one I mentioned before, and I think it works really well with this pattern. I'm surprised! :)

I also cast on a pair of Chuck's Cabled Socks today, but believe me, they're a LOT of work! I usually don't like knitting things that take a long time, but I really like the way these look, so I'm determined to give them an honest try.

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