Friday, July 6, 2007

A package from Glenda

When my final Secret Pal package arrived, I found out who's been sending me all this great stuff. Her name is Glenda, and she blogs at

This is what I found in my last package.

A lot of things that are great for summer. And Kimono Angora! How did you know that I've had my eyes on that for a while now?!

Again, thank you Glenda! You've been a great Secret Pal!


Heide said...

What a lovely package. The colours of your new yarn are just scrumptious! What will you knit with it?

Glenda said...

Hi Heidi! So glad you liked the package - after seeing your pics of the gazebo near your summer cottage, I just couldn't resist adding in the beach ball and drinks umbrellas - I hope you find a fun way to make use of them!

As for the kimono angora, they had a pair of mitts knit up in that yarn at my LYS - they were so soft and squishy they almost made me long for winter again... almost :)

N. Maria said...

You lucky girl you. Nice stuff.
Your knitting is beautiful, by the way.

Mandy said...

What a wonderful package!!!