Thursday, August 16, 2007

It's been a long time...

...but now I'm back! A lot of stuff has been going on, and I don't really know where to start.

The summer holidays were great! I didn't get too much knitting done, but I do have a few things to show you.

This is a sock design that I've been working on.
I've been obsessed with two-tone cables lately. Don't know if I'll ever finish this one, but I like the pattern, and I'll probably take it out once in a while and just look at it.

And more of the multicolored cables. This is a Shedir hat (from Knitty). It's not "supposed" to be two-tone, but I really like the look of this.

I was missing a head to try it on, so I had to use a bowl from the kitchen instead. :)

And the cables never stop!
Cabled golf sock for my boyfriend.

And what else... Oh yes, a pair of mittens in Noro Silk Garden.

A small crocheted basket made of paper thread.

And I've started Frost Flowers and Leaves from A Gathering of Lace.

And... I'm on Ravelry. Yay! Look for knittingheidi if you want to check out my pages.


Glenda said...

That's "not too much knitting"?! I think I've barely knit 5 rows of anything this summer! :)

The knitting looks great - is it difficult to do the two-colour cabling?

Welcome back to blogland!

Anonymous said...

The two-colour cables are great! I have to try some!
I stalk you :)
Your secret pal!

Dave said...

Wow, those two-colour cables are beautiful. The sock looks like it will be very cool, and that Shedir -- simply gorgeous.

Pikku- Kettu said...

Tervetuloa takaisin! :)

No onhan sitä tullut neulottua! Shedir näyttää upealta kaksivärisenä. Pitää tunnustaa, että en itse ole koskaan yhdistänyt kirjoneuletta ja palmikoita (oletan siis, että tuo toteutetaan niiden sekatekniikkana), mutta nämä projektit ovat niin upeita, että on pakko joskus kokeilla.

Rebecca said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely! The two-colour cables are so pretty! I have never tried it before but what a nice idea.

tikru said...

Whohooo.. so great texture with cables and colors.

Heide said...

Oh my goodness, you have been busy! I love the two colored cables. Eunny has a sock pattern (Chuck's Cabled Socks) which I've always wanted to try in two tone cables. The Frost Flowers will be just lovely too.

kracicot said...

Two-tone Shedir... wow! It's amazing!

Matuni said...

Kerrassaan upeita töitä olet tehnyt! Pitääkin alkaa seuraamaan blogiasi tarkemmin.. :)

heather said...

hey! your shedir is cool! I was actually going to try to take a little cable pattern (not neccessarily the shedir) and do that-liek wth norah g's snowflake- can't you see that with a white snowflake on a blue background? You knit beautifully!

Gerd said...

wow. the shedir is great. you got to make a pattern of it.
you made my head spinning on cables, so perhaps i`m gonna make some too..