Tuesday, September 18, 2007

SSSSS, CCC, and poll

My new sweater experiment was moving along so nicely, until it happened. I got struck by SSSSS. You might think that SSSSS is some kind of variety of the infamous SSS (Second Sock Syndrome), just with two extra S:es for added Spice. It's not. (But you should have figured that out, since it concerns a sweater...) This horrible ailment, SSSSS, is the dreaded Seriously Slow Second Sleeve Syndrome! If I remember correctly, the Yarn Harlot talks about the "black hole of knitting". You knit and knit and knit, but the project just doesn't get any longer (or wider) no matter what you do. The black hole of knitting is sucking in all the stitches!

My sleeve had advanced almost all the way to the elbow when the SSSSS-attack came, and now I just can't seem to knit fast enough to beat the black hole-effect. I knit 10 rows, the sleeve is at the elbow. I knit 10 more rows, the darn sleeve is still at the elbow. I knit furiously like a madwoman, almost setting fire to the needles, the flaming sleeve is... you guessed it... at the elbow! I give up! I think I need to let it sit for a while, and maybe the black hole will move on to something more interesting.

I also got a bad case of CCC-syndrome today. And what is THAT, you ask. Well, if you like shopping for yarn online (and who doesn't) it's likely that you've either had CCC or will get it in the future. Crying Credit Card -syndrome. In my defense, it wasn't all for me. I got some really nice things for my Secret Pal, and I just couldn't resist getting something for myself too. I'm only human, after all. (With magic knitting powers, but still)

If you take a look to the right on this blog, you will find a poll. The other day, a friend asked me why I blog. Well... I had a hard time coming up with a quick answer, but after some pondering, I came to the conclusion that I blog because I really like the feedback and comments. So, dear readers, why do you blog? And if the poll doesn't include your reason, you can always answer in a comment. Come on! Click those small boxes!

I'm not posting any pictures of the sweater experiment today, because it's just not possible to get decent pictures in this gloomy weather. Now I have to get back to my sleeve, and check if the SSSSS is any better. Fingers crossed!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Yoke gone wrong...

Dear Tangled Yoke,

I was really looking forward to wearing you. You're so soft and warm, and I could already imagine all the cold winter days we would have together. But then...

You had to grow so friggin' huge when i blocked you! I know, I know, you're made of wool, and wool can be unpredictable when it comes into contact with water. And yes, I know, I should have blocked my swatch.

But still. Couldn't you have cut me some slack? What about shrinking a few inches around the waist? Would that be too much to ask?

Or how does losing a few pounds on the back sound? Could you do that for me?

Or maybe you're trying to give me some kind of hint. "Keep off the chocolate, or this is what you'll be wearing in a few months."

Now I can't decide if I'm going to sew some side seams on you and keep you, or if you're going to be a christmas present...

Oh well, at least I still have my new sweater project to cheer me up.

I'm making this sweater up as I go along. The yarn is Kauni multicolor, and the fair isle hearts are an adaptation of a lace pattern.

I don't know how much fair isle I will put in yet. But I really like the white-on-brown effect, so I'm guessing there will be more.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Working hard

I've been knitting a little bit... Hehe! I think I'm in denial about how many hours of knitting time I have in an average day... :)

The crazy, kind of secret fair isle project is moving along nicely. It's getting a bit monotonous, but it should be finished soon, so that's fine.

I also started another sweater project. I had some Kauni yarn in my stash, and every time I walked past it, it was screaming "Knit me! Knit me!". So I did. I didn't really have a clear picture in my mind when I started, and I still don't, but this is what it looks like at the moment.

Don't you just love the subtle color changes in the yarn. This is two days of knitting on a 3 mm needle. It's about 25 cm now, and I'm putting some fair isle in, or else I would get bored silly with the stockinette. It will be fun to see how this turns out.

And last, but certainly not least, the Tangled Yoke cardigan. It's so close to being finished, just the buttons left to sew in, but I'm still waiting for the buttons to arrive in the mail. It's agony! Come on, arrive already! I can't wait to wear this. It's perfect!

Speaking of mail... I think my mail man is losing his mind with all the yarn he has to deliver to me. I've heard him laboriously squeeze in packages through the tiny opening in our door, several times a week, and I can only imagine what he is thinking. Yesterday, he apparently had had enough! He rang the doorbell, and when I opened, he shoved three packages at me and left with an annoyed look on his face. He said something like "here", and I didn't know whether to laugh or apologize. It is his job, though, so I'm sorry mister mail man, but tough luck! Deal with it, or ask to get another route. :)

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Oh yes...

I kid you not. Two more works in progress have mysteriously appeared.

I can't tell you what this is. It's a secret... Shhh!

This is another shawl from Victorian Lace Today, Large Rectangle. The yarn is Rowanspun 4 ply, and it's yummy! So soft and it has a great texture. I can't wait to finish this one...

I did actually finish one of my other WIPs. You'll have to stay tuned for a little while longer before I can post pics. There is some finishing touches to be done.

Thursday, September 6, 2007


I went to the post office to get this package today. It's from my Secret Pal. When I first saw it, I kind of suspected that it was something that's been on my wish list for a while now. But I didn't ACTUALLY think it would REALLY be a...


I'm already nominating my Secret Pal for Best Pal Ever! It's perfect! Thank you thank you thank you! And it's exactly the kind of swift I wanted. All wood, no plastic or metal. Soft and smooth. I'm putting this baby to use right away.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Startitis, on a whole nother level...

Meet Sheldon the Turtle. Isn't he cute! The pattern is from Knitty and... Wait a minute!

We haven't seen Sheldon here on the blog before... You didn't start yet another project did you?! What about the mountain of UFO's?

Well... You're absolutely right. I admit it. Startitis has taken over my life. And Sheldon isn't exactly the only thing I started...

I give you: Tangled Yoke Cardigan. Pattern by Eunny Jang, in Interweave Knits fall 2007. Pics here

If you've read my blog before, you shouldn't be that surprised. You should know that I have a 'thing' for Eunny's patterns. This one is a giant mountain of stockinette stitch! The only thing that keeps me going is the yoke cable (should start soon, just a few more rows). The yarn is Rowanspun DK. I can't believe Rowan discontinued it! It's amazing! It has just the right softness without being too fuzzy, and it's really warm.

And there's more... Another one from IK fall 2007. Snowflake Socks. I just had to knit these because I like knitting socks in thicker yarn. I'm getting a little sick of the fingering weight sock yarn patterns. These are incredibly fast, despite the fair isle pattern.

I'm actually past the heel on the second sock already...

And if you were wondering, I have made some progress on my older UFO's. This is the Via Diagonale bag.
The cotton is killing my hands, but I try to knit at it once in a while when I feel inspired.

And the shawl from Victorian Lace Today (see previous post for long name...).
I'm past the border and a few rows into the main part now, and it's moving along super fast.

No news on the Anemoi Mittens, though. I don't know if any progress has been made on them. I'd have to ask the knitting gnomes at the bottom of my WIP-basket. Maybe I'll dig the mittens out this weekend and finish them.

In case anyone is wondering, I did buy more yarn. BUT, hear me out, I only bought more of yarn I already have, so it would be enough for the project (in this case, the Tangled Yoke cardigan). This is a really clever way to keep buying yarn, but with a good excuse. "I have to buy more of this, or I won't have enough for this and that project." Just be sure to chose a project that requires more of a certain yarn than you have in your stash.