Monday, January 21, 2008

Progress report

Knitting in aran weight yarn is superfast! It's day 2 and I'm already at the armhole decreases!

I had a small issue with the chart vs. the picture in the magazine, but I decided to follow the chart. The jacket in the magazine has a center cable that follows the side cables, i.e. is shorter-longer-shorter-longer, 8 rows-12 rows-8 rows-12 rows. The chart clearly states that the center cable has 8 row repeats, and the side cables 20 row repeats. That means that the center cable does its own 8 row thing, while the side cables cruise along at 20 row repeats, i.e. they don't "follow" each other. This really bugged me at first, because I couldn't decide which version I wanted to follow, the chart or the photo. But here is the chart version.
It doesn't bother me anymore, because I really like that the center cable isn't symmetrical to the side cables, if you know what I mean.

I also have another new-ish project on the needles.
This is Persian Tiles from the Jade Starmore book A Collector's Item. I'm using the pattern to make a pillow, since I really want to use up some gorgeous Evilla yarn I've had in my stash for far too long. Just look at it:

So pretty!


Angelika said...

I really hate it when you fall in love with a picture and then the pattern doesn't match. It's a dilemma, but that's why we are versatile. You can do it.

WeirdRockStar said...

I love that sweater!
It is mandatory you make one!

pat said...

I don't know what the pictured version looked like, but I sure do like the charted version - What a pretty cable pattern!

piua said...

Ajattelin kysyä ihan vain vienosti että olisiko maahdollista sun liittyä blogilistalle? Olis niin paljon helpompi, kun blogisi voisi tilata sitä kautta... JOs olet jo siellä, niin sitten mie en vaan kumma kyl löytäny sua millään.

Upeita juttuja olet tehnyt, ja tuo lanka on NIIN ihanaa... Aaah!

Soile said...

Mäkin ole katsonut sillä silmällä tuota mallia Voguesta. Siinä se on kyllä ehottomasti ihan liian paksusta langasta. Saa langanlaihan mallipimukin näyttämään turvonneelta.

Heide said...

Your choice to have the cables asymmetrical is perfect. You are a very fast knitter.

Lolly said...

that cabling is beautiful!

yvonnep said...

It's beautiful! And so is the yarn.