Friday, March 7, 2008


I don't crochet often, because I just don't find it as relaxing and rewarding as knitting. But I actually finished a crochet project. Look!


For Project Spectrum 3, I've been trying to get to those "problem yarns" that most of us have somewhere in the back of our stashes. I really hate knitting with stiff, dk weight cotton, because I'm an insanely tight knitter and my hands start to hurt. I didn't know what to do with the two small orange and red skeins of cotton I had, so I just crocheted a basket.


I didn't reinforce the corners, so it's very soft and bendy, which means I can cram a lot of yarn in there. (It has also been test worn as a square shaped hat by the man in the house, with more or less satisfactory results.)

To my surprise, I really love the combination of orange and red. Maybe I should start using more orange in my knitting, since I've liked it in every PS3 FIRE project I've knitted so far...


Macoco said...

I love the crocheted box. The color combination is so cheerful and I bet it brightens up the home.

yvonnep said...

Macoco said it all... I love it!