Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Problem yarns...

My goal for Project Spectrum 3 is to get my yarn stash organized and knit away a fair amount of it. I especially want to use up my "problem yarns". You know those don't you, the ones you just can't seem to find a suitable project for. Lately, my knitting has been focused on those yarns.

Socks for charity

The yarn is Novita 7 Veljestä, hand dyed by me. I just can't stand these colors together, so I'm trying to knit up every scrap of this yarn.


Morning Surf Scarf

Lace yarn hand dyed by me. Do you see a pattern here? There's a reason I only tried dyeing yarn a few times...


Basic toe-up socks for me

Again, yarn hand dyed by me, Novita Nalle. This can't really be classified as a "problem yarn", because I really like the colors. I just want to use it up.



And then we have the yarns I haven't gotten to yet...

A pair of What Was I Thinking?

Both of these are 100% acrylic. I could maaaaaybe manage to knit the one on the right, because it's not quite as squeaky as the fire engine red blob on the left... But meeeh... There are so many other yarns that I really adore knitting with, so why suffer through knitting with these?


Leftovers from my orange Resoleable Socks and my pink basic striped socks

I'm sure I'll find some use for these four little balls of 7 Veljestä. Most probably, they will become socks for charity.


There's not that much left of March now, and I'm already itching to start knitting with yarns in the PS3 EARTH category. I really like the elements/nature theme for this round of Project Spectrum. I'm also trying to implement this approach in my daily life, being more conscious of the world around me and the impact (both positive and negative) I can have on it.

Organizing my yarn stash is making med realize that other areas in the home could also benefit from a little spring cleaning. I'm slowly trying to get rid of all the unnecessary clutter we have everywhere. My approach is one room at a time, so it doesn't get too overwhelming. It's really refreshing to see empty shelf space!


Courtney said...

Oh I have so much yarn like this.
Good job using it up!

Pikku- Kettu said...

Meilläkin olisi todella kevätsiivouksen aika. Onneksi muutossa tulee aina käytyä tavarat läpi...

Esimerkiksi noita värjäyskokeiluja löytyy meiltäkin. ;)

yvonnep said...

You are doing a great job! Isn't it a possibility (but of course the colours can be very eeeeeeek together in real life) to make something with the yarn from the last pictures together? The screaming red and the pink could be a real good combination. Could be...:-)

SpringPlum said...

I like the basic toe-up socks--that's such a pretty color scheme (the palers ones).