Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Still at it with the FIRE theme

It feels like I haven't finished anything in a loooong time. But look, a pair of socks!


I managed to knit up every last scrap of the pink/green yarn by using an afterthought heel. I had the same yarn in a perfect green color, so it worked out great. I really like that these are short. That way, they won't be too warm to wear in the summer.

And what kind of sock knitter would I be if I didn't immediately start another pair?


The yarn for these is Tofutsies, and I really like that it kind of self stripes. I'm reinforcing the heel by knitting with the yarn doubled, and it almost looks like it's a different yarn because of the nice and even stripes. The pattern is a really basic make it up as you go along sock pattern.

My Morning Surf Scarf is also moving along nicely. I really like that this pattern was so easy to memorize, but still looks interesting.


And look at the difference when the fabric is stretched. I think I'm going to do some serious blocking on this one when it's finished.



Macoco said...

I am loving those socks. The green heels totally give it an extra little pop.

Angelika said...

Looks like everything you touch turns out great. Simple socks - you make them look good. I also like the scarf, especially when it's stretched out.

Jeanne said...

The socks are just too cute - love the green heels! Gorgeous scarf too...